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100 Truths

 I'll start with 100 and work my way down, everytime I have something to say or think, I'll place it here....

100. You have changed a lot over the past year, and I don't like who you have become. You're a plastic poser now, and I hope that one day you'll wake up and see that being fake isn't exactly appealing....to anyone.
99. I don't quite understand the point of your vulgar bullitens, randomly putting things like "go suck dick" makes you look like trailer trash with no class. Grow up? :]
98. HEY! You're in eigth grade, close your legs. By the time you hit high school you'll have done everyguy at Porter Ridge. STD's aren't a trend, I mean seriously.
97. I feel almost invisible to you.....but that's no secret. I told you how I felt and where I stood; I just wish you'd be man enough to see how bad you make me feel sometimes and make things better.
96. I really really REALLY can't stand your parents. Which is sad to say considering I am around them a lot.
95. You think that smoking is 'cool.' Open your eyes?
94. You're a senior, stop stealing seventh and eigth graders virginity. Guys like you are they reason they are considering making it a rule for kids to take birth control in public schools.
93. If you're waiting for an apology you won't get one. I've done nothing wrong, you're just too stuck up to let your gaurd down and see it.
92. Whenever I get mad, I close my eyes and pretend that I'm still in Brazil. Getting away makes all things better. 
91. When something is wrong, I pretend like it isn't. I don't like other people seeing me with my guard down.
90. You're the reason I dont ever want to trust anyone again.


September 2008

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