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Yeah, right?

I don't really understand the term best friends anymore. I was there for you until someone better came along. I did everything that I could to keep you in my life, because you were the person that made me happy. You hurt me, made me an untrusting person, and stabbed me in the back. What you did to me is something that I will never forget, nor ever forgive you for. It hurts me so much to say this, but you are pretty much dead to me now. But, that's just because of how I am. You hurt me and I push you away, and forget your existence and our memories. Looking back on our past makes me cry because I lost someone so special to me. But at the same time, gained my independance back. All of the time we spent together, and all of the shit we went through....I don't regret it at all. It wasn't a waste of time for me, and I know that you think the same. I'm not a forgiving person, or someone who is even anywhere near heartfelt. But if there ever comes a time, where you need me for anything at all know that I will be right here. Because I loved you as a best friend, sister, and other half. And even though it's all gone now, and I'll never get it back I still think about what could be. Or what it would be like right now. If it was just me and you again, like old times. It breaks my heart to know that things will NEVER be the same.


September 2008

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